Top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer

Top tips for keeping your dog cool this summer

At the first sign of sun, most of us grab our bags, put on our sunglasses and head out to enjoy the good weather. Taking your pooch with you can be an inviting thought but as dogs are prone to overheating, there are a few precautions you should take to keep your dog cool in the hot weather.

Tips for keeping your dog cool:

  1. Be mindful of when you exercise
  2. Always offer your dog water and shade
  3. Never leave your dog in the car
  4. Groom your dog to keep him cool
  5. Make some cool treats

The best products to keep your dog cool this summer:

When it comes to keeping your dog cool in the heat, prevention is better than cure. Heatstroke can be life-threatening so if you’ve got a dog with a particularly thick coat, it’s best to take extra-preventative measures. Here are some of the best products to help keep your dog cool in the rising temperatures:

Cooling Vests

Cooling vests do what they say on the tin. You simply put the specially designed vest onto your dog and it helps to accelerate the rate of evaporative cooling, thus working to keep your dog at a stable temperature.

Cooling mats

Cooling mats come in a variety of sizes and are ideal for placing inside the house to keep your dog cool on particularly hot days. They are filled with non-toxic gels that allow the mats to become self-cooling. Designed to sit at 5-10 degrees cooler than the room temperature, they are perfect for those hot summer days when having the windows open just isn’t enough to keep your pooch cool.

Paddling pools

Paddling pools are often our go-to when we are feeling a bit too hot and flustered so it makes sense that a little dip will do wonders for cooling down your pet too. You can get pet-safe paddling pools and it’s worth investing in one as they can then be used as an outdoor dog bath too!

Window Shades

If you’re going to be travelling with your dog in the car during the summer then it would be advisable to invest in window shades for your car windows.

NOTE: Never leave a dog alone in the car. Temperatures can soar to alarming levels in a matter of minutes, so it’s not worth the risk.

Freezable Dog Toys

Invest in some toys that can be frozen and then given to your dog on particularly hot days. Even if they don’t play with them, they can lie beside them and keep themselves cool from the comfort of your own home.

It’s important to remember that while all of these items are great at keeping your dog cool, they are meant to be used as preventative methods rather than as a cure for heatstroke. If you think your dog is suffering from overheating, it’s important to cool him down with some cold (but not ice-cold) water and take him straight to the vets.


written by Shannon C


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